Jaye Brown

User Experience Leadership

My Process


Most projects start out with a discovery phase. It’s here that I begin my work with the multi-disciplinary team. I meet with stakeholders to define the business problem they’re trying to solve. We work together to find the best plan of research to gain insight into the business problem. Many factors go into choosing the right research method including timeline, budget, and availability of end users for testing and inquiry just to name a few.


Once we’ve settled on some starting requirements, it’s time to put pen to paper and design a solution to the business problem we’re trying to solve. This includes fun brainstorming sessions with the team including a variety of activities such as sketching, storyboarding, wireframing, and rapid prototyping.


Now that we know our direction, it’s time to see our ideas come to life. By creating hi-fi comps and prototypes, we can see our work in action. And once we’ve got that nailed down (to a degree…it’s almost always an iterative process) we can work with the developers that we’ve been talking to since we started to get the designs into production.


About Me

I'm rarely seen without a Rhodia Orange No. 16 notebook, my beloved purple pen, and my favorite mug (even though I've only been to Stanford for a conference).

Contact Me

Whether you have a project you need help with, need a speaker at your conference, or you are looking for a new UX Leader for your practice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you just want to talk about what happened on Scandal last night, or more importantly, what bag Olivia was carrying, I’m here to chat.

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